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Freedom from Pain

Are you experiencing any pain? Do your feet feel uncomfortable or stiff?  It is necessary to take the right steps in order to minimise any foot or ankle pain.  Therefore, seek treatment early!  This important step ensures you will spend less money and significantly less time recovering, thanks to early intervention.  Begin by booking your appointment with your Podiatrist and be sure to commit yourself to the entire rehabilitation process outlined especially for you.  Understand and if need be, clarify what your role and responsibilities are in your treatment plan to ensure that you are meeting your goals.  This will aid in fast tracking your healing and overall recovery.

Lastly, we often forget about the importance of exercising our feet.  Yes, that’s right, exercising those feet that support our entire body weight!  Keeping your feet strong and flexible is essential in reducing and preventing foot and ankle pain and ensuring that you maintain mobility.  Simple exercises will improve your range of motion and reduce any stiffness and achy joints in your feet.  Exercises can be as simple as rolling your ankle gently in a circular motion whilst you are sitting or standing, or even rolling a tennis ball or frozen drink bottle under your foot to relieve arch pain and tight muscles.  Or finally, a simple toe scrunch to strengthen your muscles and provide better support and protection for your feet.  These three foot and ankle exercises are simple, fast and easy to incorporate into your daily routine to ensure that you maintain strength and flexibility of your feet.  Those little feet that carry you around each and every day!
Why not book an appointment with our highly trained Podiatrists to help you to better look after your feet?

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